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on our various pottery styles:


Frostproof Terracotta by Night & Day Studio

Frost Proof Terracotta Planters & Accents
Our planters and accents are made from local Ontario clay.
Being dense, durable, and having an ample drain hole in
each piece, these pots will withstand our harsh climate and
provide a superb growing environment for your plants.
Our planters are frost proof provided that watering stops
before the first frost and that the planter is raised up with
pebbles or pot feet to allow for thorough drainage.

Horse Hair Raku Pottery by Night & Day Studio

Horse Hair Raku Pottery
After reaching 1500 °F our pottery
is quickly removed from the kiln and draped
with individual strands of tail & mane hair before allowing to cool.
Once the hair burns away, the pottery is left with distinct
black lines visible on the smooth burnished surface.
Once cool, we carefully clean any remaining
ash, and pieces are buffed using a beeswax compound.
This primitive process is unpredictable but striking when finished.
Recommended for use with dry materials only.

Raku Pottery by Night & Day Studio

Raku Pottery
The raku process removes pottery from a red hot kiln
into a container filled with sawdust or newspaper.
The combustible materials erupt in flames, and the container
is then sealed and left to smoulder without oxygen.
In this way we achieve random effects: brilliant copper sheens,
iridescent silver blue flashes and colourful crackled surfaces.
Although complex, we find it to be fun and rewarding.
Recommended for use with dry materials only.

Wood Fired Salt Glazed Pottery by Night & Day Studio

Wood Fired Saltglaze Pottery
Our saltglazed pottery is made to last.
The surfaces are created by putting salt in the kiln
at the peak temperature of around 1300°C.
Firings take over 14 hours of careful stoking with wood,
adding to the character of the work.

Each piece represents significant effort and love of craft.
Our stoneware and porcelain pots are very durable and
are safe for use in the microwave, oven and dishwasher.